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Criteria: BT-Headphone (On-Ear & Over-Ear)

Price range: no limit

Explanation: A collection of BT headphones without real added value, summarized in one article. Only BT headphones with a sound rating below 6 will be found here.

For me, it makes no sense to check the battery life or other technical features for correctness, since this doesn't matter anymore with the limited sound. I also omit the description of the handling and reflect this only in the rating. I limit myself to 2 "notes" for sound and handling, which is included in the weighting of 2:1 in the overall rating. However, the exact subdivision can still be found in "SHOOTOUT-HEADPHONE".

Things could always be worse and maybe I'm too hard, but these BT headphones are not really worth it for me, unless it's just to get something out of a headphone at all and this wirelessly.

Sound Handling Total Price

LANGSDOM BT18 3.4 4 3.6 19 €

OEM H1 PRO 4.3 3.5 4 13 €

OEM LY-903 5.2 5.5 5.3 21 € ... will be continued


Bluetooth 5.0, 40 mm driver, frequency response: 20 - 20000 Hz

The superlatives thrown around in product descriptions are nothing new, but I sometimes wonder if the "advertising experts" have ever heard the product themselves. "Great Sound, Deep Bass" - Nope, never at all.

It's listed as over-ear, but is an on-ear, except maybe for three-year-olds.

Sound - short and painless

The bass is overdriven and booming, in addition it has no depth and a clean kick is wishful thinking. It has quantity, but zero definition.

How to make the mids sound so muffled and the voices still shrill is a "masterpiece". Even with "simple" music I can't get anything out of the mids, even if the bass destroys a lot.

Trebles? It feels like the end of the day after the mids, even if that is overstated. Details are in short supply and everything seems compressed. Even if they don't really have anything to offer, they are still the most acceptable feature of the BT18

The stage is constricted and there is no separation. A big mush that is pressed into your head.

You have to be very undemanding if you want to consume music with the BT18. It clears up a bit in clink mode, but that doesn't make it any better.


Bluetooth 5.0, 40 mm driver, frequency response: 20 - 20000 Hz

Not everything goes wrong with the H1 PRO's sound and it is surprisingly restrained in its bass. In this case, however, it's probably more of a problem. The H1 PRO is also an OEM product, which has several distributors.

SOUND - short and painless

The bass is nothing half and nothing whole. With its modest amount, you could maybe hope for some quality, but here we have a bass performance of a phone from the 60s. He seems kind of out of place.

The mids sound hollow and distant. Voices have zero emotions and there is little that sounds the way it should. They also have an unpleasant boost in the upper range that makes them more glaring.

The highs allow details to shine out here and there, but are not defined, or especially spatial. Everything sounds very centered and rather monologue. Still the best H1 PRO and most natural, even if that doesn't mean much.

The H1 PRO sounds a bit like underwater, where the trebles pierce here and there. The stage is not realistic and a bit claustrophobic.

Here I would have preferred an overloaded bass rather than being so undifferentiated in sound. Tonally a catastrophe.

OEM LY-903

Bluetooth 4.2, 40 mm driver, frequency response: 20 - 20000 Hz, ANC

The LY-903 is one of the better of the bad. It is listed among many companies and is a classic OEM product. It is advertised with BT 5.0, but according to the packaging, it has only 4.2 and no AptX, which is also listed in the specifications of the dealers.

SOUND - short and painless

The bass is not the cleanest and is booming, especially with bass-heavy music. It has a fun punch, but is not stable enough.

The mids come out reasonably well against the bass, but are still musty. Without bass impact they are even sometimes a bit demanding, especially with voices and naturalness is rather a foreign word to them.

At high frequencies the LY-903 sounds artificial and tends to distort. There is not much stability, but the highs keep the signature alive to some extent, yet the patient is already hanging on the drip.

The stage is below average, if at all. You feel crushed and separation and imaging are sloppy.

The LY-903 may even be enough for the uncritical listener. But those who care about sound would rather look elsewhere. The ANC actually works and very low frequencies are filtered. But you can't consume music while doing so, because the ANC also filters the bass out of the music, which is counterproductive.

Tip: The speaker cover on the earcups are not screwed on and can be easily lifted. If you take the foam from inside the LY-903, it sounds more open, clearer and more natural, but the evaluation is based on Out-Of-The-Box.

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