Explanation: In contrast to the full review, the QUICK VIEW only provides a brief tonal and functional overview. Either I haven't been able to spend enough time with the headphones, where the rating has to be taken with a grain of salt, or I don't consider it particularly worthwhile in terms of sound. I will mark which of the two variants applies with "Time", or "Average". The weighting of sound and handling is 2:1.

frequency range: 5 - 23000 Hz | sound pressure level: 105 dB | impedance: 35 Ohm | dynamic

Sound 7.7

Bass Mids Trebles Stage Imaging

8 7 7.5 8 8

Handling 8.5

Processing Comfort Earpads Headband Weight

9 8 8 8 340 grams

Total 8

Price 899 €

Quick View reason: Time


On paper, the ELEGIA seems to be the closed version of the ELEAR. Transforming an open headphone 1 to 1 into a closed one is rarely successful with an acceptable result and so the ELEGIA is not exactly the yellow of the egg for me in terms of tonality.

Handling The design of the ELEGIA is similar to the ELEAR, as is the "equipment". That means, we get the same comfortable earpads (which are dust magnets and probably do not provide optical pleasure for long), where my ear also touches the inside of the auricle slightly. The headband padding does not make the most durable impression either.

The design of the ELEGIA is nice to look at, but appearances are deceptive, because it does not feel 100% premium in the hand. Nevertheless the workmanship is great and so is the isolation, especially because of the closed design. With 35 Ohm and a high sensitivity it is also very suitable for on the road. Compared to the ELEAR, the ELEGIA is a good 100 grams lighter, which is not immediately (positively) noticeable.

The cable has a black and white striped fabric sheath and measures 1.2m (3.5mm jack). Included in delivery is a hardcover transport case and an adapter to 6.3mm. The ELEGIA can also be used at a balanced output due to the double-sided feed (mono jack - 3.5mm), with an appropriate cable.


If the ELEAR is already not the most sparkling in the FOCAL family, the ELEGIA goes one step further. It sounds a bit dull and uninspired and doesn't seem to have the ambition to entertain you musically. It is an absolutely stress-free headphone, which is also suitable for long sessions, but for the own HIFI or rather audiophile demands of the headphones, or rather of FOCAL, I find the ELEGIA surprisingly average.

The bass has a good punch, but is surprisingly reserved for closed headphones. Here I would have expected a bit more after the open ELEAR. The mids and highs sound equally muffled. Also I can't make out any great detail or transparency. I have the feeling that the sound is suppressed and cannot develop freely. There is a lack of openness in the stage presentation and airiness in the separation. Imaging and stage are on a good level, but at the price I was a bit more euphoric in the run-up. Voices are set back and lack liveliness, even if they don't necessarily sound wrong.

Outro Decent, but nothing special. That describe the ELEGIA quite well. Here there are clearly cheaper representatives, which can easily keep up with its performance and surpass it.

I miss the resolution and the feeling of space, which I get better from a Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO (closed), even if it overdoes it in the high frequencies.

Thanks to K55.ch for providing the headphones and the exciting day in the showroom.


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