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Explanation: In contrast to the full review, the QUICK VIEW only provides a brief tonal and functional overview. Either I haven't been able to spend enough time with the headphones, where the rating has to be taken with a grain of salt, or I don't consider it particularly worthwhile in terms of sound. I will mark which of the two variants applies with "Time", or "Average". The weighting of sound and handling is 2:1.

frequency range: 10 - 22000 Hz | sound pressure level: 92 dB | impedance: 32 Ohm | dynamic

Sound 6.4

Bass Mids Trebles Stage Imaging

7 6 6 6.5 6

Handling 6

Processing Comfort Earpads Headband Weight

6 6 6 6 180 grams

Total 6.3

Price 28 €

Quick View reason: Average


The ROLAND RH-5 is a closed on-ear and is usually supplied with the company's products (e-panos, e-drums, etc.) for monitoring. As an accessory, it may serve its purpose and be sufficient, but I wouldn't know why I should buy it for my own use even for less than 30€, since there are better alternatives in that price segment as well.

Handling The RH-5 is a classic budget headphone. Its design is simple and completely made of plastic. The headband and ear pads are made of a very thin imitation leather, if you can call it that at all, which does not make a very durable impression. The comfort is okay, but I have had more comfortable on-ears. Especially with the material, the thickness and the filling of the pads the comfort of on-ears stands and falls.

The cable is with 3 meters very long, which is good for monitoring, but less useful for mobile use.

A 6.3mm adapter is included in the scope of delivery.


The RH-5 has some construction sites in its V-signature. The lower mids are set too far back, the upper mids are quite garish and aggressive. The highs ripple along and provide only the most necessary information. The bass is most convincing. It's a bit hollow and not very physical, but it remains the most constant and also has some quantity, which can be quite fun.

There is no particular subtlety or balance to be found in the RH-5. It is not a total failure in sound and for monitoring when practicing electric piano, guitar etc., the RH-5 may work, if you don't make any demands. Luckily there are no voices in play that could turn the tide, because they don't always turn out to be an easy fare.

The stage is quite compressed and it takes place much centrally in the head, because the imaging doesn't seem to be very accurate either and is actually only acceptable in stereo.

Outro If you add the RH-5 to a new Roland machine, this is sufficient for the moment. It has a driving bass when you get a good fit and can cover the mid and high frequency range quite effectively. For pure music listening it would not be my first choice in this price range, but for listening to the musical effusions at home it is usable.

What works: Song Genre Flint instrumental, electro

Be Svendsen

What does not work:

Song Genre You Should Be Sad vocals, pop


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